Graduate Studies Internship Program

Graduate Studies Internship Programs at the Integrative Therapy Institute of NJ

As a training institute for early career psychotherapists, ITI offers internships to graduate students in clinical psychology, counseling psychology and social work. We have established internship programs with several graduate programs, including Fairleigh Dickinson University, Felician College, Monmouth University and St. Elizabeth College but are also open to establishing new relationships. Internships generally last for two semesters, and we prefer interns who are either in their second year or who have clinical experience. 

Our graduate students usually carry a caseload of 6-10 clients, seen weekly, and usually see both adult and child cases. All cases are pre-screened before referral to any provider. ITI-NJ is sensitive and cognizant to the needs of the clients and graduate students as well who are new to the field. Opportunities to co-lead therapy groups with supervising clinicians are also available. 

Graduate students receive one hour of individual supervision per week for every five hours of clinical work, plus one hour weekly of group supervision in adult psychotherapy, one hour weekly of group supervision in child psychotherapy, and one hour weekly of group training and case presentation in EIP, or Evolutionary Integrative Psychotherapy. All supervisors possess the relevant supervisory credentials for their disciplines, such as the ACS for counseling psychology or the SIFI or successfully completed a certificate in clinical supervision for social work. The group supervisions in adult and child and the EIP training groups are all conducted by the founders and Directors of the Institute, Thomas Hollenbach, Ph.D. and Edward Callaghan, Ph.D., both of whom are clinical psychologists. 

Evolutionary Integrative Psychotherapy is a psychotherapy model that incorporates elements of psychodynamic therapy, cognitive-behavior therapy, and evolutionary psychology. It was designed by Dr. Hollenbach specifically to train early career therapists and to allow them to attain therapeutic competence in a short period of time. It essentially takes the concepts and interventions available in different modalities and provides trainees an algorithm for choosing when to use each one. Our patient satisfaction data shows that patients of our graduate students are highly satisfied with the treatment they are receiving. More information is available upon request to any prospective graduate student or any graduate program that is interested in placing interns with ITI. Contact us.