Counseling for Adolescents

Therapy for Adolescents

Adolescence is a turbulent time of life. Difficulties can arise for the teenager and their parents as powerful drives toward autonomy emerge during this time while impulse control, planning and judgment are still in development.  In our work with adolescents, whether on-site or via teletherapy, we deal directly and clearly with issues including, but not limited to, autonomy, dependency, sexuality and self-esteem.

Some of the concerns that we commonly see in adolescents include, but are not limited to:

  • difficulties coping with anxiety and stress
  • depression
  • behavioral difficulties
  • grief and loss
  • relationship issues (friends, school, family)
  • difficulties managing conflict
  • low self esteem/confidence
  • self-image issues

Our experienced and caring clinicians understand that each individual has unique needs and we work closely with our clients to find the therapeutic approach that best facilitates their growth and healing. We strive to meet the needs that the adolescent has for support and understanding while helping them to develop insight, self-awareness, and the tools needed to find solutions to the problems facing them.

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