Supervision Opportunities

The Integrative Therapy Institute of New Jersey provides supervision in Clinical Psychology, Counseling and Social Work for LACs, LSWs and Clinical Psychology Permit-Holders who are working towards full licensure in New Jersey.

Our primary supervisors all possess the relevant credentials and experience required by the respective New Jersey licensing boards for these purposes. We provide both Individual and group supervision on both adult and child/adolescent cases. We also have adjunctive supervisors who provide additional supervision and consultation on cases within their specialties, such as trauma/EMDR, LGBTQ issues including gender non-conforming youth, OCD, disordered eating, addictions, mindfulness and several others.

We provide significantly more clinical supervision than is required by the licensing boards, plus additional training beyond that if desired. For more information contact us.

Training for Professionals in
Evolutionary Integrative Psychotherapy

Evolutionary Integrative Psychotherapy, or EIP, is a new model of psychotherapy designed to be easily learned by early career clinicians, although it can benefit experienced clinicians as well because of its novel features.

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