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Our mission is to improve the practice of psychotherapy with a new model of treatment, Evolutionary Integrative Psychotherapy or EIP, and to train the next generation of psychotherapists in best practices including EIP. We teach and train professionals at all levels, including LSWs, LACs, Clinical Psychology Permit-Holders, and fully licensed therapists such as LCSWs, LPCs and Psychologists who wish to learn EIP in order to teach it and supervise trainees who are learning it.

While EIP is at the core of our training programs, we have a wide range of accredited supervisors with expertise in many other areas of clinical practice so that we can teach our trainees best practices throughout the range of conditions seen in outpatient psychotherapy.

We offer career paths within our institute from trainee to fully-licensed therapist to supervisor, and we support our clinicians who wish to eventually transition to independent private practice as well as those who wish to remain with us. We offer business coaching to those who wish to become independent and do not require non-compete contracts.