Evolutionary Integrative Psychotherapy

Introduction to
Evolutionary Integrative Psychotherapy - EIP

Evolutionary Integrative Psychotherapy, or EIP, is a new model of psychotherapy designed to be easily learned by early career clinicians, although it can benefit experienced clinicians as well because of its novel features. It offers a concise yet comprehensive method for treating the broad range of clients presenting with chronic anxiety, depression, and relationship problems, resulting from negative life experiences during childhood and adolescence. It can be used in individual psychotherapy, and also in couples or family therapy because of its strong relational component.

EIP assumes that psychological suffering may originate from emotions, thoughts, or behavior, and that problems in each of these three areas often interact and compound each other. It also assumes that the problems in each of these areas often have common root causes in negative life experiences during childhood and adolescence. Therefore, any comprehensive psychotherapy usually must address problems in all three areas. EIP carefully evaluates every client for problems in each area and for interactions between areas. It then offers a different treatment approach in each area, while always keeping in mind the interactions and common root causes.

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