Problems that Usually Need Psychotherapy or Psychiatry Treatment


This part of our website discusses a number of fairly common mental health problems that generally require some kind of treatment. This list is not at all comprehensive, since I have just written about those problems and diagnoses that I feel I know well. My discussion of these problems is intended to help potential patients or family members understand whether or not they might have one of these problems, and what type of professional help to look for if they do.

The articles here are generally covered by a Creative Commons license, rather than being privately copyrighted. This means they may be downloaded, and copied for one’s own use, and also may be given to others. What is not permitted, however, is to sell or profit from them, and if you use them you must attribute them to the article’s author and to the Integrative Therapy Institute of New Jersey. Please respect these licensing rules, and feedback is welcome. I hope you find these articles helpful.

Thomas B. Hollenbach, Ph.D.

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