Problems that Usually Need Psychotherapy or Psychiatry Treatment

Anxiety Issues - Overview

Anxiety is a feeling of fear, with or without something to be afraid of. There are a number of different anxiety disorders, including phobias, generalized anxiety, and panic attacks with or without agoraphobia.

Anxiety may occur by itself or may accompany feelings of depression, and may also be experienced with bipolar disorder and with psychotic disorders. If anxiety is caused by major depression, bipolar disorder, or any psychotic disorders, then treating the underlying problem with medication may also take care of the anxiety, so seeing a psychiatrist is strongly recommended in these cases.

In cases where anxiety is the primary problem, psychotherapy can be very helpful. The purpose of this section is to explain anxiety disorders and the principles used in treating them, so that people with anxiety problems can make informed decisions about treatment and can also work on these problems themselves.

Thomas B. Hollenbach, Ph.D.

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